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The Story of LTA

Next-generation airships to advance humanitarian aid and shape a cleaner world.

Over the past century, transportation innovations have enabled us to move more people and cargo – further, faster and longer. But most modern transportation is very carbon-intensive. In fact, global aviation emits nearly 1 billion metric tons of CO2 annually. Our team is forging a new path to zero-carbon transportation that helps shape a cleaner world and complements humanitarian aid.

At LTA, people from multiple generations who have diverse skill sets and come from across the globe have come together to build and fly next-generation airships. We are leveraging modern technology and advances in manufacturing to make them safer, stronger, and more efficient than ever before. We are fortunate to be building on Akron’s airship manufacturing legacy.

Pathfinder One

Plans to Reality


The Humanitarian Future

When we look up and ahead, we see a future where zero-emission airships can support and even speed up disaster response and relief efforts. If runways, roads, and ports are damaged, LTA’s airships can still deliver what communities need. If cellphone towers are knocked out, airships can hover and provide service.

We’re focused on delivering big on our mission and rising together in times of need. That’s the purpose that drives the LTA team every day.

A Century of Airships

For more than a hundred years, Ohio, Nevada, and California have been at the center of flight. The history of airships runs deep.


Pathfinder 1 begins floating inside the hangar at Moffett Field for the first time on its custom mobile mooring mast.

Pathfinder 1 leaves its cradle